Indian Overseas bank is public sector bank owned by Government of India which is founded 79 years ago in 1937 in Madras. It had over 3700 branches in India and more than 3300 ATMs. Its headquarters are present in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and also had 8 branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Colombo and Bangkok.

IOB Net Banking

As all other Banks in India, Indian Overseas bank also provides facilities like Debit card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking to provide banking facilities easily. There are lot of services that can be done using IOB net Banking which are explained below.

Services provided through Net Banking of IOB:

Every Net Banking user of IOB will be provided with Username and Password. Using these users need to login on the IOB net banking website to use its services. If any IOB user is not having these details they can avail them by approaching your home branch.

Balance enquiry:

Users can check the balance amount available in their account using the net banking. They almost show you the exact amount available without any delay once they are deposited or withdrawn from your account. Sometimes they may be late in showing the balance amount, don’t worry they will be adjusted quickly.

Last Few transactions:

All the transactions of your account will be added to your net banking account. Users can check the last few transactions that are debited or credited from your account.

Account Statement:

In Account Statement users can check the transactions of any day or month. Once you enter the details they will provide you with all the transactions of the day or month.

Cheque Book Request:

If the users check book had completed or become old users can request for a new check book directly from the website instead of going to the bank.

Cheque Paid Status:

Users can verify the status of your check which is issued by you to a payee any time and know its details. If a Check is attached to your account and you need to know if its credited to your account, you can login to the net banking and verify it.

Deposit Opening:

We can open a new Fixed Deposit from your account with the amount available without any hassle of documents and signs. Users can directly go to the Deposit section in the account and add the amount select the type of fixed deposit and press “Confirm”. Be sure before you are opening a Fixed Deposit account and know about it before opening one.

Transfer money:

Internet had changed a lot of things in banking and now the Internet Banking changing even more. Users can transfer money to any IOB/ Non IOB user directly from the Internet Banking. If the other user in from non IOB bank, then first you may need to add his details for the bank to confirm which takes one working day to process. Once the account is added in your list you can send money instantly any time.

There are many other services and feature like Schedule your funds transfers, Schedule Credit Card Payment, and Suspend your IOB debit card to your Internet Banking Account.