The multi billionaire Apple Inc. has always proved its worth in terms of new technology. We are all aware of the launch of iPhone 7 series happening this fall, but this iPhone could be proven a terrible idea as losing one of the key feature of audio jack. We all might not have forgotten 30 pin connector in previously owned iPhone series. The turbulence upraised when Apple ditched the 30 pin connector in service of its more-capable, reversible Lightning connector with the iPhone 5!


May be this may lead to a new generation of not having audio jacks in the phones, or could even turn out one of the best things that Apple has done in the industry of technology and innovation. Though, it would be a much sweeter pill to swallow if Apple can defend its decision with a genuine, new and exciting proposition – of either that’s noise cancelling EarPods at no extra pain on pocket, or lightweight wireless headphones. By this time, we have all heard of the new compatible adapter to connect our existing 3.5mm headphones in the new iPhone 7 series but new users and previous iPhone owners will have to deal with the added headache of fumbling around with an adapter. Alas! We came to the same question as started from. Why remove the 3.5mm headphone port in the first place?

As they are making a sign that this would be done in a smart way. The new in the new iPhone 7 series and its new Smart Connector port, which can transmit both data and power could be doing to different jobs from one connector, I mean if that’s what Apple Inc. is planning it could really throw a Frisbee to the competitors and only Apple knows what else will be packed in this new iPhone 7.

Nevertheless, recent hearsays from the Apple supply chain suggest the iPhone 7 will ship with the current-generation EarPod headphones as well as a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. Few pictures and videos on the internet made appearance showing the small adapter featuring a male Lightning connector at one end for an output and 3.5mm port to connect your standard headphones.

In terms of look, design and make-up, the adapter included in the pictures and video (which is supposed to be a leak!!) is very similar to Apple iPhones current choice of adapters, including the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and beyond. The Lightning to 3.5mm adapter has been tested on iPhone iOS 10 beta version, and is been working exceptionally well but it does not work with an iPhone running iOS 9? Well I guess we have to find out till the date when Apple unveils this new iPhone 7.