When companies like Samsung and Apple plan to come up with their latest flagship LG does not back out when it comes to the market competition. This ensuing battle amongst these companies leads to the release of classic and durable smart phones that are available in the market. After the success of LG G5, LG comes up with the latest in the series LG G6. Now since we hear a lot about the latest flagship of LG we are apparently curious to know about the release date of the LG G6. With the latest news pouring in we hear that the release date of the LG G6 is finally confirmed and we just can’t wait to get our hands on the smart phone. In this article we talk about the release date along with the several added features that makes the latest flagship of LG something to look forward to. Read this article to know more about the latest flagship and more about the LG G6.


LG has now officially confirmed the launch date of its next flagship the LG G6 and as the news goes we hear that it is all set to hit the market this year next month. The company has also already sent out invitations to the media for a press event on February 26th, which is the day before the Mobile World Congress 2017 trade show that is going to take place in Barcelona. The latest flagship is going to come with the most impressive Android Nougat features with which LG has already drawn the customers towards itself from is arch rivals namely Samsung and Apple . LG has made a close deal with Google in order to implement the latest specifications and features of Android Nougat into the LG G6, with which the new device will be built on the software . At the very moment Google Assistant is only available as a part of the Android Nougat 7.1, which is the very latest build of the software and which for the moment, is very exclusive to Google’s own Pixel and Pixel XL devices. This interesting feature allows users to speak to their devices so that they can get information and answers to a wide range of questions that include weather information, restaurant bookings and also the traffic of the day. If this partnership turns out to be true then this would allow Google to carry out the testing of the Assistant without the need to continue investing in building new handsets, mostly with the Pixel devices that is new in the market.

Other features that require a look through include

  • Dual LED
  • Optical image stabilization plus
  • Facial recognition
  • Geo tagging
  • 3D front and back camera element
  • Auto laser

Thus with this, we can say that we are looking forward for a revolutionary smart phone with several attractive features and specifications which is all set to hit the market in the month of February 2017. Samsung is going to release Galaxy S8 in month of March.