After Apple unveiled iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017, the new operating system has invited a lot of applause from the company’s device users. And this year’s iteration is particularly impressive, for it packs in some neat new features for the iPad. However, we will focus on the features of iOS 11 for iPhone today, which have already been called revolutionary.

Best Features of iOS 11 for iPhone

The iOS 11 features are some of the best we have seen from Apple so far. 2017 being the iPhone’s tenth year anniversary, it was but anticipated that the new operating system would come with some great new upgrades. But Apple has definitely outdone themselves, which has led many people to download the developer and public betas ahead of the iOS 11 release date in Fall 2017. Let us take a look at the new features of iOS 11 below.



Super-smart Siri: One of the best features of iOS 11 is the upgraded AI companion. With its great new machine learning abilities, Siri in iOS 11 will be able to take its helping hand several notches higher. So if you download the iOS 11 public beta (unless you are a developer), you can easily ask Siri how to say something in any one of the supported few foreign languages to get real time results. In addition, the AI companion will now learn your habits over time and make you helpful suggestions even before you need them.

Updated Camera App: The camera app in iOS 11 for iPhone not only comes with a bunch of new filters to give users the opportunity to take more natural looking pictures, but the new Live Photos modes will now give you more freedom to play around for creating more fun moments. Besides, a newly integrated coding technology will let you retain great image qualities while reducing the file size significantly.

ARKit: We knew from before that Apple was going to dabble in Mixed Reality by integrating AR in iOS 11, and that was confirmed when the company announced ARKit as a new platform that will let developers create new and unique AR applications that will extend the function beyond entertainment. So by the time the release date of iOS 11 comes around, both iPad and iPhone users will have a lot of surprises awaiting them.

Wrap Up

As we can see, iOS 11 for iPhone is going to be a celebration of all that Apple stands for, which is, providing unique and convenient functionalities for its valued users. But the great thing about the platform this year is that these will not be limited to the iPhone only. So go ahead and get started with the beta to get a heads up on how amazingly things may turn out with the launch of iOS 11.