Every time there is a problem with the device/service we are using, we always end up turning up to the customer care people. They are our one stop destination for clearing all the doubts, and solving all our grievances. We, often end up into a more complicated situation after talking to the customer care executives, while other times our problems are perfectly dealt with. Here we are going to provide all the information regarding Rediffmail customer care.


Major part of our review of all portals and products depends upon how well the customer care unit served us. Rediffmail is one such portal with multiple services, which shall never fail its users. In this article, we will be listing down for you all the major contact details of the Rediffmail customer care unit so that you won’t have to hustle over the internet to get their contact details.

Rest assured, your queries and your grievances will be dealt with at its best and you will remain a forever happy customer!


Their toll based contact number is 092230-20000 and you can reach out to the customer care unit on this number between 9 am to 9 pm on any day of the week. (yes, they are available on Sundays as well) No matter what query or what complain, just one call on this number and you shall be sorted with further proceedings.


Along with the toll free number which helps you via call, Rediffmail also has a self help customer care support system which allows you to gain online assistance from their website you have to simply add your details, the very basic ones, put in your comment/query and you shall be got back to by the customer care unit within 48 hours of business days.


Here, you can refer to the official website for Rediffmail:  www.rediffmail.com. You will have to submit your query via a comment, and submit the same to the website. You can look up the FAQs for further details.


Last but not the least, you can reach out to the customer care unit via email as well. The email ID can be used to complain or to submit any feedback that you think may be beneficial for the company. The email ID is support@rediffmail.co.in  and here, you will receive an email within 48 hours of business days from their customer care support team.


In case of any kind of help required, you can as well write to help@rediffmail.com and have your queries sorted.

And with that, all the major contact details to reach out to the customer care unit for Rediffmail comes to an end. Hope you are dealt well, and your queries are solved to your satisfaction!

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There are tons of applications which let you recharge your mobile or other services but there has been one service which has been doing it for a long time now and can be considered as the king of all the applications. Recharge It Now Customer Care is one of the bests and it was started in 1997 when there was no other company for providing such services. Even there weren’t many phones that were to be recharged precisely because of the call rates and the cost of the device. But, time flew by and Recharge It Now is one of the biggest companies in India that provides recharging of cellular as well as DTH and data card packages and payments. If you think that Paytm and Mobikiwk are better in that area then you are wrong. Recharge It Now has been in the market since nearly 20 years now and for more than 10 years it had its monopoly in the sector which is not a joke.

recharge it now customer care

Recharge It Now is not only great in doing your recharges, but also provides great customer support. You can not only contact them in one or two ways but in 4 ways you can raise your voices.

  1. Recharge It Now Customer Care Number

Recharge It Now know that their users can face problems in anytime of the day and that is why they have their phone lines open for us 24×7. However, if you are concerned about your remaining balance then you might think twice before calling as they have not made this number toll-free.


  1. Recharge It Now Customer Care Support via Email

You can contact Recharge It Now free of cost if you don’t want to spend money on calls by sending them an Email. Honestly, they are as responsive on Emails as they are on their phone lines and will get back to you within a day with appropriate solutions.


  1. Recharge It Now Customer Care Address

If you want to try it the traditional way, then you can also do it by sending couriers or letter to their head office in India. They have built two head offices in India which are located in Delhi and Gurgaon. Before sending letters, please make sure that you fill in proper details as it would help their brilliant customer care team in helping you even more and efficiently. Recharge It Now will need your details like your registered Email Address, your Registered Phone Number, order number, error occurred or anything else that you would want to add on for help. You can be tension free and assured as they will definitely get back to you with solutions in the same day of delivery of the mail. You can mail them on the listed addresses or call them directly to their customer care numbers.

  • II floor, 4654/21, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002
  • Estel House, 126, Sector – 44, Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India
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